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A very special dance for my students:


The beautiful bride in this video is my sister, Chloe. I want to share this moment in her story because I am sure it will inspire many, as it has inspired me. We hope you will share it, too. The finish is especially beautiful, so don't miss it!


I remember the day Chloe and Jason walked up to me and told me they wanted their first dance to look like the scene from High School Musical where the lead characters waltzed to the song, “Can I Have This Dance.” My first thought was a question--"You mean the dance filled with jumps, lifts, and complicated dance moves...uh that one?".


For those you who don't know Chloe and Jason, Chloe has Down Syndrome, and Jason has learning differences. These exceptionalities have never stopped them from doing the things that brought them joy and happiness—including getting engaged and planning their wedding. Knowing this, my second thought and response to them was, "Game on!".


There was only one problem…I was neither a dance teacher nor a choreographer. After talking with friends, we found a highly recommended instructor. Sondra Chan.   When Chloe and Jason first told this dance teacher of their plan, she was skeptical.


The first dance lesson changed her perspective as she began to see their capability and desire to create a beautiful dance. She was no longer a skeptic; she was partner—committed to helping Jason and Chloe create a memory of a lifetime.


After hours of dance lessons, the couple had their last meeting with the teacher. As she turned the song on and sat back to watch, her eyes filled with tears. Chloe and Jason completed the routine flawlessly.


Chloe and Jason, once again, proved they are overcomers.


It takes two to Tango…in this case, it took a very talented and kind dance teacher, and two committed dance students, to create one of the most beautiful first dances I have ever seen.


It's amazing what can happen in the lives of those with special needs when one person chooses to be an advocate rather than a skeptic.

                                                                                                        By Caylor Bermudez Harbin 

We can help you with it all:

Bride /Groom           Father /Daughter           Groom /Mother              Wedding Party

Quite often I am asked: "how many lessons might we need?"
Should you wonder the same, perhaps this can help:
This couple and their family had 2 packages of 8 hours, which included both of their parents and siblings.
Here is their wedding party who performed a Waltz.
This music is a Viennese Waltz but they requested Foxtrot for ease, so we combined it for them for 'Perfect.'
This couple had 3 packges of 8, which was shared with the mother of the groom as well.
This couple had 8 private lessons.
< This couple had group lessons and just 4 private lessons.
And I was honored with the first dance after the First Dance ;)      >
This couple did great with only 6 lessons because the groom had group lessons with me in the past before they met and he had a strong smooth lead. That is him in the Wedding Party Waltz above.
Because Timothy had lessons with me prior, Heidi and he were able to to dance this well with only 8 lessons.  See him dance in the Wedding Party Waltz above.
This Father is taking private lessons with both his wife and his daughter.
So far about 12 hours of lessons along with group lessons with me at World Gym.
This couple had no prior lesson, and just 4 private lessons

Packages for Private Lessons,

includes up to 6 students,

as I want the bride and groom to feel free to bring parents to any lesson to help prepare for presentation dances:

One hour: $60

4 Hours of Lessons: $220

8 Hours of Lessons: $400

You can just take 4,

and leave enough time for more.

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