Gift Certificates

Make great wedding gifts.

Know somebody getting married? Give them a beautiful personalized gift certificate to help them learn their First Dance or the Daddy/Daughter or Groom/Mother. Now it is common for  the newly weds to ask  their parents to dance alone on the dance floor to a romantic song as well.


Contact Sondra for pricing and customization.

Be ready for Birthdays, Anniversaries and Christmas, wrap the certificate around a wine bottle with curly ribbon and let the party begin! You can print it, or I can and if in Peachtree City, I will deliver in person for an added personal touch. 


Nothing says 'I love You', more, than, the gift of DANCE!

Anniversary Gifts too!

Nothing makes a a woman feel more like a princess,

Wedding Dance Certificate for 2 hours.JP
Dancing in Paris 8.jpg
Julie and Terry Gift Cert.jpg
Christmas fo Emily fron Joey.jpg
Dancing in Christmas Ball.jpg
Stocking stuffer 3 x 8_edited.jpg
Gift cert with Christmas tree and angel.
Birthday Gift for Sally.jpg
Christmas Gift cert corrected dec 18.jpg
Mother's Day?
Mother's Day?
Wine bottle gift cert 1.JPG
wine bottle 4.JPG
wine bottle on chair.JPG

Or wrap it around the wine bottle with pretty ribbon for effects so you can enjoy the tasty treat together.

Use a wine bottle and put your gift certificate inside and wrap with pretty ribbon for effects.