Dance Etiquette


Always accept when someone asks you to dance unless one of the following applies:


To get a drink, rest or go to the rest room or you have already promised the dance to someone else. Should you be tired, or do not know the dance, say something like:


"I'm sorry, I would love to dance with you, but I am very tired and need to sit one out. May I have the next one?"


If sitting out for one of the above reasons, you should not accept an invitation from another person during the same song.


Women and Men can be equally inclined to ask others to dance. So ladies, if you want to dance, just ask! And what better way than:


"May I Have This Dance?"


Leaving the dance? Say something like:


"I'm sorry, I would love to but I just had my last dance for the evening and am on my way out."


Promised this song/dance to another person? Say something like:


"I'm sorry, I've promised this song to someone else. However, I would love to dance with you, May I have the next one?"


When dancing Smooth Dances: Foxtrot ,Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep and Two-Step, etc.)...


You must travel around the dance floor counter clockwise which is known as the line of dance.


If you are dancing Rhythm dances which are stationary like Swing and Latin dances...


Stay towards the center of the floor.


Dance at your partner's level.


Gentlmen must make your partner feel and look good. He is the Prince of the dance, she is the Princess.

Leaders, focus on making your partner safe and comfortable. Good basics, having a solid lead, and being considerate goes a long way. Followers are not impressed by constant fancy patterns that are rough and difficult to follow.


Always Apologize:

If you bump into someone or step on their feet (regardless of whose fault it was). This goes for your partner as well as other dancers on the floor.


Thank Your Partner:

For the dance at the end of the song.


Smile & Make Eye Contact:

Say hello and introduce yourself.



At the end of the dance, walk your partner off the floor or to their next partner.


If there is a live band:

Applaud the band at the end of each song.